Best Restaurants in KL

Fancy dining is not everyone’s cup of tea but for those of you who live to eat and don’t mind paying a little more for good food, then this list is for you. It’s a great selection of places to visit for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and proposals (if you’re one to propose with a ring in a glass of champagne… or something like that). Compiled below is a list of the best restaurants based on service, food quality and ambience. The Lankan CrabsPork free

The Lankan Crabs began their humble journey of serving up authentic Sri Lankan crab recipes in March 2020, establishing themselves on the now bustling street of Jalan Kemuja, and in the heart of Bangsar. With no doubt, they have amassed a loyal following of enthusiastic patrons comprised of true foodies, seafood and crab dish aficionados. This is by virtue of their speciality dishes - live Indonesian mud (mangrove) crabs that are sourced daily, and stored in their filtered aquariums for the freshest of giant, fleshy crabs upon each order.


Located amidst the hustle and bustle of Wangsa Maju's commercial hub, this particular Western gourmet restaurant has satisfied many eager and hungry mouths that have ventured into its premises. Serving mainly dishes hailing from the Western culinary scene, no other Western joint in the vicinity of their neighbourhood can top their dedication in providing the best of Western food, Halal-style. One exemplary dish to best portray that dedication comes in the form of their wondrous mixed grill platter, dubbed the Optimus Mixed Grill (O.M.G. for short). Catchy name? Wait til you see what is on the plate. True to their calling in terms of serving Halal food, no pork is served but in the absence of pork, the chefs in Grella's made use of succulent lamb, tender chicken and juicy steaks for the platter instead. Marinated using their own special concoction of herbs and spices, the grilled proteins are nothing short of perfection, as they emerge aromatically from the grill. Accompanied by savoury chicken sausages, delightful eggs, fluffy potato mash, crinkle-cut fries and a serving of refreshing salad, along with a dash of brown sauce, this legendary platter of sweet, decadent meat will leave you reminiscing for more.


Established as a maestro in Japanese fine dining, Nobu has over thirty branches worldwide. The brand was started by veteran actor Robert De Niro along with chef Nobuyuku Matsuhisa and Hollywood producer Meir Teper. Nobu KL, first in Southeast Asia, is located at a high altitude on the 56th floor of Petronas Tower 3. Being that high up, you can expect some magnificent view of the city skyline. That and the exquisite array of dishes will surely double your gratification following an experience of dine-in here. Among their signature dishes are Rock Shrimp Tempura, Toro Tartar with Caviar, White Fish Tiradito, and Black Cod Miso. To ensure that you savour your every bite to the max, you may ask the staff for some tips on how to enjoy your meals better.

Cilantro Restaurant & Wine Bar

Cilantro serves French cuisine with Japanese influence and is one of the most popular high-end dining in KL. They’ve opened their doors to celebrities and royalty and with a clientele like that, I’m pretty sure they won’t serve anything less than the best. The staff here are on top of their game and you can be sure to expect the best kind of service imaginable. They offer a three and four course meal for those who want to enjoy appetisers and desserts as well. Cilantro only uses the freshest of ingredients, which means the menu occasionally changes according to what is in season.


Stika, located along Jalan Batai, is very promising when it comes to food ingenuity. Using only fresh local ingredients, their modern methods and approaches are what makes their dishes truly a delight to look at and of course- taste. If you're an adventurous kind and one's who curiosity is easily piqued, they are big in their test kitchen- a limited dining session which promises new ideas, creations, and exquisite flavours. Brunch, lunch, dinner, coffee? Sitka is one place you would want to keep on that list.

El Cerdo

El Cerdo is a restaurant that is vibrant and full of character. They specialise in home-cooked pork flavours from all over the world. ‘El Cerdo’ means "pork" in Spanish, and is located right in the heart of KL in Changkat Bukit Bintang. This place is a pork galore from the menus, to the images on the wall, and even a large pig at the entrance. You will know what’s in store before you even make your order. The staff are friendly and hospitable, all ready to provide you with good recommendations. Ever popular at El Cerdo is the Cochinillo Al Estilo Segoviano (Roasted Suckling Pig) served on a wooden chopping board. Like how they do it in Spain, the piglets are butterflied and roasted until the skin becomes well browned and crusty with moist and tender flesh underneath.

Tamarind Hill

Tamarind Hill is part of the Tamarind Restaurant Group - a contemporary and luxurious fine dining restaurant group in Malaysia.​ ​The Tamarind Restaurant Group believes in dining experiences that take you away from the city. From the design, location, interior and overall ambience, they ensure this philosophy is consistent in all their restaurants. With modern Asian decor, fine tribal influences, and an extravagant outdoor wine room surrounded by ponds and nature, one can expect a tranquil dining experience. The food is exquisite; with the use of flavourful and very fresh ingredients, Chef Wanthana brings out the best of Thai Cuisine.


You simply got to give PRIME at Le Meridien a try if you are a steak lover. ​Aim for the Wagyu prime rib steak as it is highly recommended. They have a detailed list on the different types of steak available and their food quality is very high. Besides an interesting choice of steak knives for you to choose from, PRIME has a quaint and dazzling ambience. They provide complimentary fresh bakes with butter to start your meal which are crispy on the outside with a soft core. In summary, they have amazing starters, delectable desserts, impeccable service and fine wine. No reason not to visit them, really